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 Bulk Downloads of ETIS Data


The ETIS tabled data is available in bulk download for SQL server backups and text files. These are organised by the harmonized, modelled and observed data collections for the respective base years 2005 and 2010. The table below contains the full overview with links to the respective downloadable datasets. Please note that the downloads are very big and some required posting multiple parts, which are up to 650 MB each:

Text files
SQL Server Backup
2005 Observed
2005 Modelled
Part 1, Part 2
2005 Harmonized
2010 Observed
2010 Modelled
2010 Harmonized

Additional data resources
2005 Regions
2010 Regions
Air Data
Archived networks
Miscellaneous Freight Data
2010 Freight Chains

For use of the files: please click one of the links of the data that you desire to download; this will present a dialogue to download the packed file to your default file location. After the download has finished, you can unpack the file and use it. Note: for unpacking these files, 7-Zip software is recommended. Also note, that for the use of the SQL backups an SQL server 2008 program is required (version 10.0.5500: standard, advanced, developer or trial edition).

The ETIS Netter network data is also available as a full network shape file download option in the ETIS Netter application. The download is a data dump from the network which will be regularly updated when updates to the network are made. It is available through the following link (Live from the network editor - so it takes a minute or so!):