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 Accessing data in ETISplus

ETISplus contains public and restricted information and documents on the knowledge system software and the data contained therein.


All metadata that describes the data contained within the ETISplus tools is available through the public document library:

Data can be retrieved through the following links:

1. Public Data Area (available to all users)

View and download tabular data directly via:

2. Restricted Data Area (requires a log-in by a registered user)

This area requires a log-in through a registered user account. Registered users can edit the data. The registered user has access to two tools:

  • ETIS-EDIT : Check-out / edit locally / check-in of data cubes;
  • ETIS Netter : Editing of network topology and data (shown below).
ETISNetter view

The ETIS-EDIT and ETISNetter accounts can be requested by sending an e-mail to:

The ETIS Netter tool can also be tested out (without need for registration) from the link: ETISNetter (test version). Also see the ETISNetter documentation.