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 Work Packages

The ETISplus work program consists of a series of Work Packages that are interrelated but can be grouped into two main blocks and 3 supporting Work Packages:
  • A first group of Work Packages (1-5) giving two results:

    1) The design of the databases, resulting in a draft of the design in month 12 and a final description of the details in month 21
    2) Pilots and tests on innovative and cost-effective data collection methods, executed within the ETISplus project and reported up to month 24

  • A group of Work Packages (7-11) involved in building the database, validating the database and developing the knowledge database completing its work in month 32

  • Work Packages dealing with the communication (WP6), the stakeholders involvement (WP12) and management (WP13) active during the duration of the project.

The second group of Work Packages will start before the first group of Work Packages has been completed with will result in parallel activities. In order to achieve an optimal cooperation between the two groups of Work Packages, an intensive communication channel will be arranged. Results of pilots resulting from new and innovative methods of data collection and lessons learnt will be immediately reported to the relevant Work Package.

The innovation and design

The phase of building of the database

Supporting action: Communication and stakeholder involvement